Sometimes the problems you face are more to do with your relationship, rather than being purely personal to yourself. You find that you and your partner are not as happy as you once were and you can't work out how to rekindle a lost spark that was once there.

Maybe you're bickering over things that used to be irrelevant or it could be a serious problem that you don't seem able to solve together.

Couples Counselling, or Relationship Counselling, can be an extremely effective way for you and your partner to explore what's going on while in the presence of a trained professional. 

It differs from individual therapy in that I would be helping you examine how you communicate with each other and also how you respond to each other. 

Couples Counselling can open your eyes to what's really going on and how each person's actions are perceived by the other.

As the Counsellor, it is not my role to come in and tell you how you should act or live your life. Actions that work for one couple can be destructive for another so my aim would be to find out what is actually wrong and be there to help you figure out what to do.

There are any number of reasons why couples seek out counselling. Insecurities, infidelity, sexual problems, feeling unloved and countless other reasons why your marriage or partnership may be under pressure.

Couples Counselling can give you both the opportunity to fix the problems in your relationship before it's too late.

I would recommend a free 30 minute assessment appointment so that we can briefly chat about what has brought you to seek out Couples Counselling in the first place and to make sure we all understand how best to proceed.

After all, good communication is always at the heart of any healthy relationship.

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