Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, all counselling sessions will take place online until further notice.

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Affordable and Effective Personal and Couples Therapy

Early 2020 and the population were introduced to something called 'Social Distancing', People soon began to appreciate that there was a lot more to it than just staying at home and avoiding contact with others.

Many people now have a far greater understanding of the importance of having people in their lives. Whether it be family, friends, neighbours or co-workers, having those interactions removed from your life can hit hard.

It caused anxiety, stress or depression in people that previously seemed like they were immune to those conditions.

If you already struggled with those sorts of things then 'Social Distancing' and 'Lockdowns' could be making you feel a whole lot worse.

Do I still have a job?

How do I home school my child?

Will I be able to pay my rent?

Am I at risk when I go shopping?

Can I even go to the doctor if I am unwell?

These are questions that millions of people found themselves asking, every day.

Questions that cannot be ignored.

How about if you have been directly affected with the loss of a loved one due to Coronavirus?

You could not offer or receive support in the usual way because you couldn't have normal contact with anyone outside of your own household. Funeral services were being strictly limited to essential attendees and even then, only as long as they were showing no symptoms.

All of this means that people could not even grieve properly.

It all adds up to the most serious question of all that thousands of people, up and down the country, found themselves asking.

"How do I cope?"

Just because we can't speak in person, Online Counselling for personal therapy, as well as Couples Counselling, is still available for anyone that needs it. It's just as effective as face to face work and, for some people, even more so. Click here to read more about how it works.

Be Yourself face to face counselling in Southport and the surrounding area will restart as soon as the lockdown rules allow it.

To find out more about myself and the type of therapy I offer just go to the 'About Me' page and you'll find a lot of information there.

If you've read enough and want to contact me to arrange a free telephone assessment, just click this button, fill in the form and let's get things started for you.



Some common misconceptions about counselling/therapy:

"Counselling is something to be ashamed of".

"A Counsellor can tell you what to do and how to live your life".

"A Counsellor just sits there and repeats what you've said".

"You should be able to sort your own stuff out so if you need a Counsellor you must be a bit weak".

"Only rich people can afford proper counselling".


It is an unavoidable fact that there is still a stigma attached to counselling, but thanks to some high profile celebrities and sports people describing the positive effect that their own therapy has had on their life, that is slowly beginning to change.

Taking the step to seek counselling is the ultimate show of strength and self awareness. You are admitting that things are tough right now and understand that it would be better to get help and not struggle on alone.


Visiting a Counsellor when life is hard should be as natural and acceptable as visiting a doctor when you are unwell.

It is not my job to tell you how to live your life. It is my job to listen to you, try to understand what you're going through, help you work through your problems and be with you every step of the way as you explore areas of your life and formulate the solution to your problems.

Effective therapy is not the preserve of the rich and famous. If you see a therapist offering their service for £500 per session, this does not mean they have some magical, extra special skill that nobody else has. Generally speaking, they will charge that simply because they can. A dedicated, ethical and conscientious therapist will set a price point that allows them to be available to as many of his clients as possible, while still valuing their own time.

I also like to offer the option to visit clients in their home. This allows them to speak in comfortable and familiar surroundings where they may feel more relaxed and at ease, rather than in an unfamiliar therapy room.

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If you are looking for Online Counselling or a counsellor in Southport just send me a quick message using the form and I'll respond as soon as I can.

E-mail replies should take no longer than 24 hours so be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you've not heard back from me.

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