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Modern life can be hectic and stressful at the best of times but in March 2020, things went to a new level.


Covid-19 or 'Coronavirus' swept the globe. The UK, over a period of about 2 weeks, went from 'make sure you wash your hands regularly' to 'stay at home and only leave when it is absolutely essential'.

Anxiety and fear reaches new heights as people find their lives turned upside down and full of uncertainty, with no real idea how long it will last.

These are incredibly tough times we are currently experiencing and the last thing a person needs is to feel alone. I want you to realise that if you need help then it is still there for you.

Valuable therapy is just a call away.

For more information on how Online Counselling works and how we can set it up, just get in touch through my contact page by clicking here.

This is where Online Counselling comes in.

Online Counselling could mean via video chat or telephone.

Most common is a video link using a secure platform like Zoom. (The same software that the government uses to conduct meetings online). There is no need to load any special software onto your computer. I send you an email shortly before our agreed session time and you simply click a link and the screen opens up in front of you. It will also be password protected for enhanced security.

We have our session as normal and you don't even need to leave your home.

The second option is telephone counselling. This, as the name suggests, is a counselling session that takes place on the phone. Many clients find this a good option if they have problems with shyness or self image issues.

Add to this the worry about elderly relatives or people classed as 'high risk', plus the effects of being isolated from loved ones and you have a toxic mix that is bound to have a huge psychological impact on an unprecedented number of people.

Ironically, the time when people are most in need of help with their mental health is the very time that it is the most restricted. Counsellors up and down the country are urged to cancel face-to-face sessions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.