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Although the death of an important person is the most likely reason for experiencing feelings of grief and loss. There are many instances where a life event can trigger very similar feelings.

How about losing a job that you loved, through no fault of your own? Or an especially close friend moves away, meaning an important part of your support network has gone. The end of a relationship can certainly trigger feelings of grief and loss.

"Grief is the price we must pay for love"


There are no rules when it comes to dealing with your grief.

Your loss is unique to you. Nobody on earth has had the same life experiences leading up to the event and therefore cannot possibly know exactly what it is that you are going through and your reactions to it.

Because there are no rules it means you can't be doing it 'wrong'. But it is possible that you may struggle to deal with how you are feeling just now. That struggle could be relieved by sharing it with someone else.

The loss of an important part of your life can trigger any number of emotions. You may, at some point, have experienced any or all of those mentioned below. Each one feeds another and it can feel like you are trapped in a destructive cycle.

confusion as a result of grief or loss
fear experienced as a result of grief
anger from losing a loved one
depression after a significant loss
guilt is a common feeling after a loss
a feeling of hopelessness following a be
disbelief at what has happened

As a counsellor that specialises in working with grief and loss, I appreciate the importance of you being able to acknowledge the experience you are having in your life and I will work with you to help you realise that your feelings are not only understandable, but also valid, appropriate and necessary.

I will give you the time and space to examine what it all means to you and be there to help figure out the best way to improve how you feel.

"Sometimes it's not about moving on.

It's more about moving forwards."

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