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If routine is good, why do we need holidays?

Even the most fervent supporter of living 'in the moment' and 'just taking one day at a time' will still benefit from some sort of routine.

Maybe they like to rise early every day to make the most of it. Perhaps always eating healthily to ensure the body is maintained correctly in order to grab life by the short and curlies. Whether they like to admit it or not, they have routines.

Then you have the people for whom routine is essential. Those people that need to do certain things at certain times because it makes them feel that their life is very orderly and controlled.

Some sort of routine is good, no matter what your outlook on life. So why are holidays so important? Surely they are the very essence of everything that breaks your routine. You live in a different place, doing different things, seeing different people and probably eating different food. Nothing about it fits your normal routine.

So why don't you fall apart when you're there? Why is it that people 'need' a holiday.

Everyone will have their own reasons but for me I believe it is all part of resetting yourself. It can ground you or remind you of the things in life that are important.

Take a situation where you say to the family- "Right, we're on holiday. That means not sitting in front of TV's or video games all day. We're going to do things together and spend time with each other"

Maybe evenings are spent together around a dining table, talking about the day. Playing games. Deciding what to do tomorrow.

You're connecting with people in a way that perhaps doesn't happen during your normal day to day routines back at home.

You may try something different. A new activity or new food just because 'you're on holiday'.

You could, of course, do this when you're at home, but for some reason you don't.

Relaxation often plays a big part in a person's choice of holiday. A break from the stressful job. A chance to not have to worry about deadlines and pressure and just do nothing.

Having that time away from your normal life allows you to regenerate yourself and prepare to take on the world again.

Routine is good but so is breaking it now and then.

Don't forget, though, that you are not confined to living that way just for the few days you call 'holiday'.

There is nothing stopping you trying new foods, eating together, spending time with each other rather than in front of screens. Taking an interest in each other's lives. These are all things that enrich our lives and should play a part in our routine and not be something we only do once a year.

It's almost like a holiday shows us how we could live if nothing mattered. If we didn't have to worry about money and jobs. But, of course, we do have to worry about those things.

But don't be blind to the fact that it is more than possible to have your own version of those holiday changes, right there in your normal, busy, stressful life.

There is nothing stopping you walking into town on a nice Saturday morning, picking up a paper and just sitting in a park to read it for a while. Just because the newsagents isn't abroad and the park isn't full of exotic flowers and people speaking a foreign language doesn't mean you won't enjoy it.

Crusty fresh bread and lovely cheese is not exclusively available in France. You can almost certainly get it in your local supermarket. I know you cannot guarantee the weather to be able to sit out and savour it but don't let that stop you adding these little moments to your life that help to make holidays so enjoyable.

Use your holiday to open your eyes as to what makes a difference in your life and then use that information to make changes all year round.

I know it's a radical statement but, believe it or not, you are allowed to be relaxed, happy, calm, fun loving and generally feel great more than 2 weeks of a year.

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