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Different behaviour will result in a different life.

If you want things to be different then do something different. It's a pretty good rule of thumb and strangely obvious. Yet a surprising number of people don't understand the concept. As you sit there reading this right now can you recall a time in the past when you've wished things were different. Prayed for that little bit of luck.

But realistically, how likely is it that someone or something will present itself in your life and declare "You sit there and do nothing, I will change your life for the better and there is nothing for you to do. Just relax and enjoy." I can imagine some of you saying that you are lucky enough to have a spouse or partner that does just that. But where or how did you meet that person in the first place? Were you doing the same old day to day stuff and they suddenly appeared? Or were you trying a new activity or visiting a different place and that was how your paths crossed?

The point is that if you want your life to change in any way at all then you probably need to change your behaviour in some way. You cannot rely on just repeating the same things every day then wonder why everything is the same.

Einstein was credited with saying that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting a different outcome. Are you doing that with your life?

Now I'm not talking about making major changes in your life like packing in your job or filing for divorce (even though, sometimes, it can be the answer). I'm talking about subtle changes...

Do you always say yes to people that ask you to do things for them, even though it puts a lot of pressure on you and your time? Try saying no every now and then and put yourself and your needs first.

Perhaps you find yourself declining the offer when people invite you out, just because it seems like such a hassle to get ready and go. It's easier just to stay home. Then you find yourself sitting at home thinking that you're fed up because you never go anywhere or do anything.

As the saying goes "Variety is the spice of life". Even if you love the things that you do from day to day that doesn't mean that things can't be made even better by adding new experiences to your life.

However, the people that are likely to see the greatest benefit from doing different things are those that are currently struggling with the world. Unfortunately these tend to be the very people that can't see how to make the changes. They may be so low in their life that they cannot even believe that things could be any different and so find it hard to accept that changes could be made.

Something as simple as deciding to visit a counsellor could be that thing that makes all the difference. Before they even start examining what is wrong with them or their life they are already doing something different and so they can expect that things will, indeed, become different. Previously they would bottle things up and hide what is wrong but now they are spending an hour a week exploring things and searching for solutions.

This is the sort of change in behaviour that could result in a change of life.

The most important thing to remember is that if you do nothing, then nothing will change.

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