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When the reality of 'social distancing' really kicked in, we realised that there was a lot more to it than just staying at home and avoiding contact with others.

It was only then that we began to appreciate the importance of having people in our lives. Whether it be family, friends or co-workers, to have that interaction removed from your life can hit hard.

It can cause anxiety, stress or depression in people that previously seemed like they were immune to those conditions.

If you already struggled with anxiety, stress or depression, then 'Social Distancing' and 'Lockdowns' could be making you feel a whole lot worse.

Do I still have a job?

How do I home school my child?

Will I be able to pay my rent?

Am I at risk when I go shopping?

Can I even put food on the table?

These are questions that millions of people are finding themselves asking, every day.

Questions that cannot be ignored.

How about if you have been directly affected with the loss of a loved one due to Coronavirus?

You cannot offer or receive support in the usual way because you cannot have normal contact with anyone outside of your own household. Funeral services are being strictly limited to essential attendees and even then, only as long as they are showing no symptoms.

All of this means that people cannot even grieve properly.

It all adds up to the most serious question of all that thousands of people are asking themselves.

"How do I cope?"

Just because we can't speak in person, Online Counselling is still available for anyone that needs it. Click here to read a little more about Online Counselling using video or telephone.

My name is Nicolas Spooner.

I am a fully qualified Counsellor and registered

member of the British Association for

Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

You can view my profile here. I offer personal 

face-to-face Counselling in Southport as well as

Couples Counselling and Online Counselling.


The type of therapy I mainly practice is known as 'Person Centred Therapy' or PCT.


This differs from other forms of therapy in that it is not my job to tell you how to think, act, feel or live your life.


I believe that when it comes to knowing what's best for you, it's YOU that's the expert.

In this way PCT puts YOU in control.


You may find it useful to read this blog post on how this type of counselling works, and also this one on how counselling can actually help

The idea that you can dictate the direction and pace of our sessions means that this type of therapy can be extremely effective for such things as stress, anxiety, depression and loss or bereavement. 

However, the positive effects are not limited to those conditions. It is also incredibly helpful if you struggle with low self esteem, trauma or have experienced any form of abuse such as sexual, physical, verbal or psychological.

Maybe you're experiencing a lack of motivation, belief or confidence? PCT is great as a way to explore the reasons and find a solution.

As a male counsellor, I have an appreciation of how difficult it can be for fellow males to ask for help, so it is my hope that if you are a male that is struggling at this point in your life you may be able to pluck up the courage to get in touch, perhaps feeling you may be better understood.

Book your free 30 minute assessment and I can explain more fully about the process and how I believe it can help you. If you are looking for a counsellor in Southport then this could be the answer.



Wouldn't it be great if you could just 'Be Yourself'?

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